Monday, September 25, 2006

World Vegetarian Day, 800#s, Firefox, Anonymous Surfing

It's World Vegetarian Day this Sunday (October 1st) and World Vegetarian Awareness month next month - October 2007. To honor this wonderful day, I'll be posting a smattering of Vegetarian Links to help with the celebration!

In honor of this wonderful event, you'll be getting a link/day to help you eat healthier. Your heart, body and mind will thank you.In San Francisco, it's actually going to be World Vegetarian Weekend:
World Vegetarian Day in San Francisco

Here's a good Iranian Vegetarian Restaurant. From what I read, they're few and far between!

Some tech stuff...

A few fun items from Jack Teem's latest newsletter

They can run, but they cannot hide. Find your favorite company's hidden 800#.

Sound, sound, who got the sound?

Firefox Extensions - my favorites - their favorites - you choose!

Superstitious about who's watching you - install Track Me Not! from Bob's Newsletter

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