Friday, October 13, 2006

Adobe Photoshop Elements, Google Home Page, Google Office (almost)

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0

Adobe's made a great product better. There are lots and lots of new features. Some of the cooler features: flash photo albums, mapping of your photos with red pins on an interactive map, lots of scrapbook type layouts, and extra features with the editor. The list price is $89. From now until Tuesday night, Fry's Electronics has it on sale for $49 with $20 upgrade rebate with a bottom line price of only $29. How cool is that???

Google Home Page

What's your home page? The page that you see when you open your Internet Browser (FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari). In last month's newsletter, I talked extensively about many different options for a home page. I went to my Google home page, and was amazed about all the cool new features. You can now add so many fun modules!! It's like Widgets on the Mac - but it's on your home page all the time. You can add many "jokes of the day" & "thoughts of the day" pages. You can add Backgammon, Realtime Traffic, Google Earth hacks, "today in history," and tons more options. I suggest you give it a try!! Just sign up for a Google Account to get one!

Google Documents

Hey - Google is really getting into the Office business. First, there was 602 Office Suite, then there was Open Office, now there's Google documents. Google only has Word Processing and Spreadsheet so far, but I'm sure a database and presentation are soon to follow. The price, free, of course! The really cool thing is that it's on-line. As the Buddhist saying goes, "Wherever you are, there you (and your documents) are." How do you get it? Just sign up for a free Google account. Can't wait to see what they come up with next!!

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