Monday, October 16, 2006

Apple II Games, Fuck-The Movie, Dancing Videos

Apple II Games

Apple II Games - Now - online - for the PC!! Come see all your old favorites, like: Pacman, Dark Crystal, Jeopardy, Borg, Breakout and many others! Only for Internet Explorer for now - FireFox coming soon!

FUCK, the Movie

Fuck - there I said it (actually, I wrote it). Can't believe I did this in my blog. Probably won't say it many more times. Fuck, The Movie is a Fuckumentary by Steve Anderson. It traces the origin of the word and has many interviews with well-know people (Drew Carey, Sam Donaldson, Ice T, Bill Maher, Hunter S. Thompson, and Pat Boone amongst others) about their impression of the word and the societal impact of the word Fuck. This movie reminds me of the recent genre of movies that actually challenge you and make you think: The Secret, Iraq for Sale, An Inconvenient Truth, Supersize Me, The Corporation, Peaceful Warrior, and Fahrenheit 911.

Dance, I said

Some fun Dance Videos - Dancing Comedian, Matt Harding is Here - not he's There dancing around the world, Jesus Dancing - I don't think so, okay a little serious Jesus stuff (what do you want from a guy dating a future chaplain)?

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