Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dallas & Fort Worth Vacationing

Dallas & Fort Worth

with Ken, Ken and Richard (and Casper and Meow Meow)

Meow Meow

After the nice, warm, almost San Francisco-like Bay Area visit of Austin, we entered into conservative Dallas country. I can't tell you exactly what it was about Dallas (the lack of anti-Bush bumper stickers, maybe?) that gave me pause that this wasn't a vegetarian-friendly, liberal leaning town. In my favorite Vegetarian Dining Guide, there are 13 vegetarian restaurants listed for Austin, only 3 for Dallas. This should have been our first clue.

For the next couple of nights, we stayed at our friend's (Ken, Ken and Richard) home along with their 2 cats Casper, the white friendly cat and Meow Meow, the cute kitten who liked to wake Faune up at night.

Our first breakfast was a wonderful one at Cafe Brazil. They had a folksy ambiance and some really good potatoes. Ken and Faune really liked their dishes as well. It's hard to believe there is a chain of these in Texas, eight and counting. There is still hope for healthy food chains in this country if they have them in Dallas. Why don't we have them in the SF Bay Area?? I only know of 1 vegetarian chain to date - Herbivore - with 2 in San Francisco and 1 coming to Berkeley.

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

From the great breakfast we headed to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. We first visited the Roses, which just weren't as plentiful as I'd hoped - but given the time of year, there were plenty to marvel at. We then journeyed around the rest of the gardens on foot and stood in wonderment at the huge trees towering over us. We also saw a couple of lakes which had several turtles. See the three above having a tea party in the sun.

Our favorite was the Conservatory or as we called it "The Rainforest." It's 10,000 square feet of lush jungle environment. Until I get to Costa Rica, this will have to do as my Rain Forest experience. This was a completely enclosed environment which imitated a rainforest. There was a very cool waterfall, bananas growing, vines (as seen above), a little creachers here and there. Go to the website and get some great 360 degree views of the place.

Our dinner that night was at the disappointing Cosmic Cafe. It's a primarily Indian restaurant (we just had Indian food the night before), so this might have tainted our taste buds. The ambiance is really cool and I think had I gone there for a yoga or meditation class first, then eaten a wonderful meal, things would have been better. I would definitely try it again should I return to the area.

Next Stop....West, Texas!

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