Friday, October 06, 2006

Dessa Rose - Musical Review, Veg Cooking, Clinton Interviews

Went to see Dessa Rose tonight, a wonderful musical put on by Theatre Works in Mountain View, CA. It is a heartwarming and yet times gut-wrenching story of a woman who stands up for herself and breaks the bonds of slavery, while helping others in the process. The singing, acting and music is superb. I highly recommend checking it out. I have a strong suspicion this one will make it to Broadway.

Tech Stuff

Free CD Burning Software - installs junk toolbar - which you can later delete

Postpath - Enterprise Linux email server - free for first 12 users!

Zimbra - a free program - has the amazing features:
  • Email
  • Shared calendar
  • Web document authoring and sharing
  • "Over the air" sync to mobile devices
  • VoIP integration
  • Microsoft Outlook, Apple, and Linux compatibility
a more powerful "paid-for" version.

Veg Stuff

Vegetarian Cooking Classes - in Gladwin, MI - where the heck is that?

More on Vegetarian Moms - it is possible - be a bit careful and supplement where necessary.

Fun Stuff

Presidential Speeches - No, Bush doesn't look like a monkey when he speaks or does he?

Cool Animal Slideshow (no relation to previous link) for the week - Amazing Turtle Display

Bill Clinton Interviews - Give 'em hell Bill. We Demos need to fight back!!

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Faune said...

How great that you went to see the play. Sounds like it is a gem, and you do know how to predicate what goes to broadway! Can you say Wicked???