Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Life Magazine at 70, Real Voices, Great Websites,

Life Magazine at 70

I sure love photos and I think Life Magazine does a wonderful job. Here they break down some of their more memorable cover photos into 3 categories: Famous Life Covers, Hollywood Covers, and War Covers. My favorite category are the famous life covers. If you really like this sampling, I suggest you buy the book!

Get REAL live voice on Customer Service

Don't you just hate getting the run around with "Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, 3 for Russian, etc...," then you get Spanish, now you have to go through about 10 more button pushes until you get to a real person? Cut through the virtual red tape and get a human being with GetHuman.com. Here's a directory of hundreds of companies where you can just press the codes, one after another, to get a real person. Quite cool!

Top 2006 Websites

Most of us rely on the web for tons of stuff. Making plane reservations, ordering take out, buying clothes, reading the news, finding out about the latest gadget, etc. PC World publishes a top 100 every year. They have a Classic version, a printer-friendly (all in one) Classic Version and the 99 Undiscovered sites version. If you want, you can download all the links for future perusal.

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