Saturday, October 14, 2006

Money of the World, Doggie Ice Cream, Spinach, Architecture

Money makes the world go round - and round and round

Paper Money and Coins of the world are great places to go if you want to compare what your money looks like to other folks. See how much color, creativity, and national identity go into making up the currency of each country. Of course, nothing is for free, especially with money. You can buy many of the currencies you see of the respective sites. Some of my favorites are West African States, Antarctica, and Tibet.

Dog and Cat Treats

Company to make Ice Cream for Dogs - yummy. What's next, Dog Cars? By looking in Google at Dog Treats (13,000,000 results) vs. Cat Treats (7,680,000), looks like dogs are a bit more popular, or are cats just more discriminating?

Lethal Spinach

Big Surprise: Deadly spinach with E.coli was traced to cattle ranch. Eliminate cattle production - eliminate tainted vegetables. It's that easy!

Architectural Marvels

Twelve of them that will change your world view. I've only been to one of these, the Pantheon in Rome. How many have you seen? Guess I need to get out more!

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