Thursday, October 12, 2006

Treo 680 v Treo 750, Google Mobile Maps, Ubunto-Free Your Desktop,


Treo 680 vs Treo 750

There's some new Treos in town (well at least on the gossip sites)! The Treo 680 pictured on the left is the Fun Treo with more multimedia features. It will come out mid next year and have a price point of $199. Take a look at the discussion about the differences between the Treo 680 (Palm-based GSM) and Treo 750 (Windows-based GSM-Cingular). See some cool images of the Treo 680.

Google Maps - Now for your Palm-based Treo!

Today, google released their popular Google Mobile Maps, which have the following features, for free (of course):

Comprehensive information on traffic conditions in more than 30 U.S. major metropolitan areas, and partial information in many others;

Detailed driving directions with traffic estimates to avoid congestion;

One-touch recall of favorite locations and routes;

Integrated search results for business locations, restaurant reviews, hotel amenities and hours of operation;

Interactive maps to explore further, reaching beyond current locations; and
Satellite and aerial views.

Available for the following phones:
•New Treo 680 smartphone
•Treo 700p smartphone
•Treo 650 smartphone
•Treo 600 smartphone

A few more details can be found here.

Ubunto - free your desktop!

Ubunto is a Linux-based operating system. It's a completely free Operating System, which in the very short run should bring down the price of computers and making them more reliable. It comes bundled with a free Office Suite, Open Office, which can also be used on the Mac and Windows, Internet, Email, Calendering, Music, Games and tons more software. I will be testing and reporting back my results.

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