Saturday, October 07, 2006

VPN, Dessa Rose, Martha Stewart, $100 laptops

Some Tech Stuff

Hamachi (Linux, Mac, Windows) - Free Software VPN - It's hosted at Hamachi's servers. Good for up to 16 users - then you pay.

LogmeIn (Windows only) - Another free VPN software, not as sophisticated as Hamachi, but very easy to set up and use

$100 Laptops - The goal - every child in the world gets connected to the Internet, starting with Thailand, Nigeria, Brazil and Argentina. This is an incredible project - Hand cranked laptops, Linux-based, with no hard drives, 500 MB of Flash Memory, built in wireless. Read more about it! Great details here.

Dang, just placed a bid on eBay. Did you know you can get a Text Message, Instant Message, or a Phone Call when you've been outbid or when auction is over? It will cost you for Text message, though.

Some of That

Looks like Dessa Rose has already been Off-Broadway hit. Maybe it will go back after wonderful performance in Mountain View!

Home prices (4 BR, 2.5 BA) from $132,000-$152,000 - where do I sign up?

My dad was really into elephants, so most of my family remembers him whenever we see stories on elephants. Check out this amazing book on elephants.

Martha Stewart - warm and cuddly? Can't believe it? I couldn't either. After reading an article about her, I was amazed at a few things she said:

1. She's 65 years old and the one thing she wants to perfect is her horseback riding. She wants to learn to gallop well. I've done galloping and love it!

2. She has 5 homes and lives in her car. She wants to design a car.

3. The best gift she has ever received - the birth of her daughter.

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