Monday, October 02, 2006

World Vegetarian Day, Doggie Hotels, Tech Fun

It was a wonderful World Vegetarian Day celebration over the weekend. Relive it with Videocasts of the event. Two of the keynote speakers were John Robbins, the man who turned his back on the Baskins-Robins ice cream fortune that his father built and recently wrote a book about "Staying Healthy at 100" and Howard Lyman, the Mad Cowboy, a 5th generation cattle rancher who has been vegan for many years and promotes vegetarianism with gusto.

Look - you can bring your doggie on vacation - Bring Fido (or Didge or Lucy or Hershey) wherever you go!

Tech News

Fujitsu Battery Recall - Next! Need I say more? Dell, Apple, Toshiba and IBM have done it!

Firefox Vulnerabilies - Not! It was all a joke - very funny - probably paid by Microsoft as another effort to de-rail the Microsoft train that is eroding their market share.

Sling Media - Announces a whole new set of products. Watch your TV or DVR anywhere in the world, without additional monthly fees!

Free UC Berkeley Webcasts - Amazing amounts of information on all kinds of classes in Webcasts and Podcasts

UC Berkeley Lecture Videos
- More cool stuff from my alma matter - UCB!

Quickbooks 2007 - An early review - looks pretty good - needed for Vis

Cool Tech Stuff

Open Source Windows Project - tons of Open Source Programs - all you can eat!

I-Lighter - Share the web - keep the web - using this cool virtual highlighter

Avira - Free Anti-Virus for Windows/Linux

AVG - Another Free anti-virus program for Windows/Linus

Modern Mechanix - See a bunch of really old scientific stories that may be coming to a theater near you sooner then you think!

nLite - Remove Windows components - like Windows Media Player, MSN Explorer, MSN Messenger, plus make a very clean install of Windows without all the clutter

Source: Everything Technology , Harondel Sibble

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