Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Austin Farewell - The Great Escape, more Yummy Food

(Goodbye for now)

It was about 10 am, Faune was in the other room reading a book and she heard the famous battle cry "No, Come Back!" Yes, it had happened. Both Chauncey and Murphy (the 2 cute dogs to the left - Chauncey the black lab and Murphy, the pug/chihuahua mix) escaped my watchful eye. As Chauncey is a bit skittish around me and tended to pee whenever I tried to grab him, I thought I'd let him out the door "a little" before I put his leash on. Little did I know that he and his brother had put together a master plan to run for the hills as soon as I opened the door! They ran down those 3 flights of stairs faster then I could say "Austin, Texas!" So off I ran, too!!

I caught up with the two cute dogs prancing and running around the complex. Sniffing at the ground and generally teasing me. As soon as I was within 10 feet of either dog they'd either run in circles or run away. After about 10 minutes of this, Faune came to the rescue. She knew upon hearing the battle cry, that I needed some help. We started with Murphy the smaller dog. After about 5 minutes of taunting us, he slowly ran toward the complex. I ran after him and ran up the stairs. There he stood at the front door with a "Let me in , please, I've been waiting for you look." Geesh!

Next, Chauncey proved a bit harder to round up. We surrounded the poor pooch several times, but he kept escaping our net. Finally, we got him closer and closer to the stairwell. He slowly started ascending, peeing all the way up. At the final level, as I was following Chaunce toward the door, he made a dash out the back end of the stairwell (I hate those double-exiting stairwells!) and was met by a welcoming (menacing to him) Faune. He then dashed away from her into my arms and into his home. Whew! Was that fun, or what?

After the dog adventure, we got cleaned up and drove our PT on over to my friend Lorie's house. She gave us the grand tour and we headed off for Mother's Cafe. It's billed as the oldest and most famous vegetarian restaurant in all of Austin. I wish we had more time to try a couple of more items there, as my main dish. Lorie's Jubilee scramble looked scrumptious!

After a satisfying meal, we were off to Town Lake. It was a gorgeous day for a walk, since we it had rained heavily the day before we wanted to enjoy the sunshine. Upon walking, I noticed a few people out in the lake in Kayaks. Upon coming up to the boat rental place, we decided, despite the developing white caps on Town Lake, it was time to go Kayaking, something Faune had never done before. We headed off in the Kayak with Faune at the bow (front) and Clyde at the stern (back). Faune with her incredible upper body strength, unbeknownst to her, did a little more than her share of the paddling, while Clyde, in addition to his experienced paddling, steered the rough waters of Town Lake. Normally, it's a quiet lake, but we had mini white caps to deal with!!

After about 25 minutes paddling out (if you squint and use your imagination, that will look like Clyde and Faune in a kayak on the left), we decided it was time to turn around. We began closing in on the dock and we spotted it. Faune yelled out, "I see it. The promised land!" Gee, hard to tell my girlfriend is a seminary student ;-)

We made it back to the dock in one piece and felt a little hungry. We decided to get a little bite to eat some french fries at the Hyde Park Bar and Grill. We had yummy friend artichoke hearts and salad and french fries. Sadly, Faune was too full for Clam Chowder. Maybe next time.

A few final restaurant reviews...

Amy Ice Cream, a staple of Texas. You can't go anywhere without people talking about how good this ice cream was. The Pumpkin ice cream was tasty!! Each location has its own style and flavors.

Veggie Heaven,we ate here 3 times. By ourselves, our second night in Austin; with our friend Debbie; then with Ann, Katie and Jonathon. I really loved it here!! The 2000 Tofu was incredible and the Berry pearl drink was wonderful. I wish I had one of these about 3 blocks from my home.

Taco Xpress, was the dinner of choice for our last night in Austin and in Texas. I wasn't so hungry, but we did manage to munch a bunch of food. The Nachos were great and cheap. We met a few of Katie's teacher friends there. It's incredible what teachers go through these days. Sure not anything like it was when I was a lad, a few years ago ;-) Definitely check out this website, as it's one of the best website of all the Austin eateries reviewed!

On Saturday, we returned the PT (with little sadness) and hopped on the Geek Express via Southwest back to San Jose. We had a fun trip - just wish it was a little longer.

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