Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Clutter Diet (free subscription), BlackBerry Pearl

Lorrie Marrero's The Clutter Diet

Lorie Marrero, the CEO of The Clutter Diet, is an incredible innovator. She's observant of our obsession with the diet craze (who isn't?). She had a brilliant idea to help everyone, slim down (figuratively), from all the clutter in our lives - whether it be papers in our office, stuff piling up in our garage or attic, or mental clutter. Lose tons of Clutter-Pounds in the process of getting your life in order. I highly encourage everyone to check out both of Lorie's sites: The Clutter Diet and Living Order.

She has a primo position on Typepad until December 2nd, so check it out there today. If not, go to one of the above links. Great news: Lorie's offering one free month of service to the first 10 people that sign up from this site. Enter this coupon code: 234AAB when signing up at

How do I know Lorie? We met at a NAPO convention several years ago. She's a client of mine and I'm a client of hers. NAPO stands for the National Association of Professional Organizers. I have belonged for about 10 years and attend both the National events and the Bay Area events on a monthly basis.
BlackBerry Pearl

The reviews have been kinder to this phone, the BlackBerry Pearl 8100. This is the first BlackBerry unit to have a built-in camera (1.3 mp) which can take photos and record video plus there's an expandable slot for an SD card. It has Instant Messaging in addition to email. One of the major drawbacks for me is that I don't' like having more the one letter on a key. The Treo, Blackjack and Motorola Q by Verizon all have one letter/key. As far as I know, this phone is only offered by T-Mobile, which in my opinion is the worst of the cellphone carriers. I like (as do my clients), in order of preference: Verizon, Cingular, Sprint, then T-mobile.

If nothing else, you really should check out the website for the Pearl, as is definitely one of the cooler sites I've seen in some time!

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