Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Impeach Bush, Picture Book, Google Mail on Phones

Impeach Bush

There are almost 1 million signatures out there to Impeach Bush. Of course, it's an unofficial, crazy Interent poll, but it does make the point.

Additionally, Berkeley voters have the wonderful opportunity with proposition H to send a message to this country that it's time to pull out the current leadership and replaced them with someone who will actually look after our interests - not using some paranoid group that has the notion that continuing to get US soldiers killed and fund a terrorist training ground with my (and our) US taxpayer's money is healthy for us. As it's been in wars passed all this spending is propping up the US economy but at what cost? Bush and friends have used up our money, our children's money, our grandchildren's money and our great-grandchildren's money for this war. When will it end? Hopefully, the American people will wake up and get new leadership in DC with a Democratically lead Congress.

Picture Book

Now, take all thouse photos and make a hard bound book!! Apple has had a way to do this for years through iPohoto, but at a much higher cost - $29.99 for 20 pages. It's even more as you go higher in page count. Whereas Blurb - which can be configured and purchased - for both Mac and PC is $29.95 for 40 pages. Since Apple has made a conscious decision not to offer their wonderful iLife suite for the PC - Blurb is definitely the best option for Windows users. Get your orders in early!! They recommend to get them in by Nov 15th for guaranteed delivery by the holidays.

Gmail on Phones

Google. Need I say more. As I predicted earlier this year, they continue to move forward in capturing the phone and the desktop. I'm sure by the end of next year, we'll see Google Computers (for free) and Google Phones. Google has revamped their Mobile Gmail Program - the best web-based email program out there bar none - cutting the steps down from 10 to 2 to read Gmail on your phone/PDA. If you need a Gmail account, drop me an email or go to your mobile phone and sign up.

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