Friday, November 24, 2006

Treo 680, Blackjack, Pandora, Time Conversion

Treo 680

There's a new Treo in town! It's the Treo 680 I mentioned a few weeks ago. One of the coolest things is that it comes in 4 colors. It is $199 from Cingular. The reviews so far our a bit mixed. It's better then the Treo 650, but doesn't come up to par with the Treo 700p (which I now own). The major drawbacks I see with this new phone are that it doesn't include a 1 mega-pixel camera (it's a VGA one) and that it doesn't support broadband-like speeds. It looks like the target market for this phone is people who want a more comfortable and lighter phone and can text/email. The best part about this phone is the price-point - at $199 (or some Cingular dealers are giving these away) - it's a huge improvement over the $499 list for the Treo 700p.

Samsung Blackjack
(the Motorola Q killer?)

Found this great review on the new Cingular Blackjack (Samsung's SGH-i607). It's amazing how all these companies are coming up with phones that look and act just like my Treo 700p. I like all the features I've read about. The Motorola Q is thin, but this is now the thinnest phone with a QWERTY keyboard. Unlike the Treo 680, this does run on Cingular's broadband network. Like the Q, this phone doesn't have a touch screen which is something I like very much. When I'm stopped at a stoplight, I like the "one touch" ease of the Palm OS and the touch screen. Being on the Cingular network and being a quad-band phone, this phone is supported in 180 countries.

I agree with the author of the review, I like the Palm OS better then Windows Mobile. It's easier to use, it's faster and you can do a lot more operations with just one touch. But....for $199 (+ broadband speed+1.3 mp camera+being superthin), I might think of changing when I upgrade to my next phone.

Music Listening - Web Radio

Pandora is such a cool way to listen to music! You create your own radio stations by type in an artist or a song. You can create up to 100 radio stations. As each new song plays, you tell the program if you like it or not. It learns your listening habits. Once you get a bunch of stations build up, you can shuffle the playing of the songs with all your favorite radio stations. You can also email your favorite stations to your friends. The whole program is web-based, so you need to be on the web for it to work. Once you minimize window, it shuts off. It's a 100% free site. It has very innocuous ads. You pay $3/month to avoid them. Happy Listening!

Time Conversion

Do you ever have a time when you're in England and you need to call someone in Thailand? This happens all the time to me. I have a little app called Iridium, but it doesn't always cut it. I'd rather have a place where I can type in my location and local time and it would figure out the time where I am calling. Now you have it. Enjoy!

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