Saturday, December 16, 2006

Leave this Behind, Shopping Fun - the final stretch

Left Behind

Leave this video game behind.

Sadly, this world is getting rather conservative and non-accepting. So what else is new?

Walmart (which figures) and Target (I can’t believe they sell this wicked game) are selling a (pre-Nazi, holocaust simulation) game called Left Behind where Jesus comes to earth to gather all the “believers."

To live, any non-believers get converted, otherwise they’re killed by the kids playing this video game. This is how the kids get higher scores. Non believers include Catholics, Muslims, African Americans, Jews, Protestants, and many more. If name sounds Muslin, person is most likely non-Christian and should be killed or converted. I’m sure this is the same for all other non-Christian sounding names like “Gomez” or “Schwartz.”

There are many stories about the heinous nature and offensiveness of this game.

What can be done? Make sure you don’t buy this game for your kids. Warn all parents you know of this game. Return this game if you’ve purchased it. Pass it on!

I’m beyond alarmed by this game. I’m now feeling the itch of what Jews must have felt in Nazi Germany just before Germans started exterminated 6,000,000 Jews and other non-German ethnics. The sad thing is there’s no place to go if this is happening in the liberal US, where would be a safer place to go?

Let’s hope the Democratic Congress/Senate start turning this ugly tied.

On a lighter note...

Table Topics

My friend Deb turned me on to this cool updated "Trivial Pursuit" game called Table Topics. From the CEO: I love a great conversation, but it's not always easy to get one started, which is why I created TableTopics. I was tired of the same old cocktail party chit chat, and family dinner conversations that were limited to a re-telling of the day's events. TableTopics questions are fun, thought provoking and guaranteed to propel your conversations to new heights. Discover something new about your family, friends...even yourself!

Next is a sampling of products I've run across in my reading, researching and just products I own. This list is in no way comprehensive. It's just gadgets I think are interesting and have great qualities about them.

Video Camera

A video camera for only $199? I haven't tried it, but dang this sure looks like a good deal!! Caveat Emptor.

Digital Camera

This Olympus Stylus 740 is my current favorite camera du jour. It's main benefits are that it's 7.1 megapixel, has 5 x optical zoom (rarely seen in point/shoots), 27 shooting modes (including Quicktime with sound), is splash/dust proof and has digital stabilization. Best price I've seen is $255.

I wouldn't kick the Canon Powershot SD 700 IS out of my camera bag. It has all the style Canon is know for, but now includes the Image Stabilization. When compared to the Olympus, it falls short "on paper," but I really like the look and feel of the Olympus.


I really enjoy my Compaq Presario V3000. It has a 100 G hard drive, 1 G of RAM, Widows XP home and DVD +- Burner. I bought it for just under $700. Ebay has it for around $600-$700.


In my opinion, no one makes a better GPS then Garmin. I love the nüvi product line. I have the nüvi 350. I have no idea how I lived so long without a GPS. The nüvi 360 is the same unit with a cool bluetooth speaker phone. The nüvi 660 is a bigger unit with integrated traffic receiver and FM transmitter. I can't recommend these units more highly. I've read dozens of reviews and the only consistent complaint is that the costs are higher the most. Well, the good news, is that the nüvi 350 can be had at Amazon for under $450. I paid $700 just a year ago for the exact same unit.

Another option is to get a GPS-enabled phone. My current provider, Verizon Wireless, offers VZ Navigator for $10/month. Sadly, the Treo is not supported.

Happy shopping everyone!!

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