Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mac Ads, Death in Oregon, My Space, Linked In

Mac Ads

I so love these ads. It's so great to see the sense of humor coming through. They're just smart. Watch them all and get a giggle. The Surprisingly, I still use my Windows machine more then my Mac. Guess the actors didn't fully convince me ;-)

My other favorite set of ads are the Gap ones. Love the Audrey Hepburn dancing to AC/DC music. Another great one is the one where they announce that a new gap is coming.

A Death in Oregon

Such tragic news, that a man stuck in a snow storm with his family, was found dead on December 6, 2006. Upon first reading the stories, I was struck with how sad it was that this man, James Kim, was cut down at the prime of his life at only 35 years old. In reading more and more about him, I feel like I got to know him and realize how he was able to juggle his love for family (his wife and 2 daughters) and his passion for reviewing gadgets at It was obvious what his true passion was for, as he left his family in hopes of getting them help, only to pay the ultimate price. I'm sure if God uses a computer, VCR or HD TV, James will help him fix it. Feel like helping out the family, donate here.

My Space

I know everyone knows about it. It's been around forever (or at least 2-3 years). Just thought I'd call attention to mine. Wanna be my friend?

Linked In

Another really cool site is Linked In. It's kinda like the My Space for the business world. Would love to add you as a contact. Just drop me an email.

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Jeri said...

I love the Mac vs. PV ads, too. As a long-time Audrey Hepburn fan - but also a person with no TV - I thank you for pointing me to the Gap ads.