Monday, January 01, 2007

Year in Review, Elfing, Fav Sites, BKs fear of Tofu

MMM...I think I'll start 2007 with a BK Veggie Burger (hold the mayo)

Year in Review

I sure love the photo review sites, don't you?

Reuters Great photos of Bush w/cyring baby, Brad Pitt being funky, Powerful International Shots

Macworld Parallels Software and 24" iMac win products of the year

Jib Jab Nuckin' Futs!

Cnet Mobile Mania

Info Please Dang, these folks have the stats that we need to know!

Dave Barry's Tribute to 2006

Elf Fun

This site is so cool. You get to make yourself or someone you love (or hate) a dancing elf! You even get to add a voice with your own words using the old fashhioned telephone - no microphone needed. Go out there and Elf yourself and send me a copy!

Clyde, that's me
Cyndi Craven
Hattie, the Zebra Elf
Jerry, my setpdad
Ruby, my niece
Ani, my niece
Denise, my sister, Ani & Ruby's mom

Clyde's Favorite Sites

These are my top 10 sites in no specific order
Happy Cow - Vegetarian info - find a veg restaurant almost anywhere
Pandora - Ad-free - no cost - Radio station based on your favorites song(s)/Artist(s)
Send Out Cards - Great way to send custom PRINTED cards that end up in a person's mailbox
Dvorak - Crazy tech guy has an even crazier blog
Gmail - Best free web-based email program
My Space - Re-connecting with old friends, Doing some business on site, too
Price Grabber - Great place to find low prices on almost anything
Productivity Portfolio - Anne does a wonderful job of ferreting out cool sites and tools and explaining them in as much detail as you need.
Internet Movie Database - For movie junkies like me, this is the best site around for photos/bios/gossip.
Zamzar - Convert almost any file type to another - great for PDF conversion from Word/Excel

For more of my favorite sites - check out my web tour which I'm constantly updating.

Burger King Fears Tofu

Just heard an ad on the radio which claimed that Burger King only serves manly food. None of that quiche or tofu stuff for real men! Just meat and double-whoppers. Hmm, I wonder if the men at BK are feeling threated, by a little soy. They do have a BK-Veggie on the menu supplied by Morningstar, which appeals to the women who eat there (wait! I'm a male vegetarian!!)

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