Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Legally Blonde & Wicked, the Musicals

Legally Blonde, The Musical

I just got back from this wonderful musical, Legally Blonde, in San Francisco where the World Premiere will be shown from Jan 23rd through Feb 24th. I'm sure as word spreads, this musical will be extended and extended again. It's based on the movie and has all original music and songs. The songs are incredible, the set designs and changing of the sets are outstanding and the voices are amazing! If you've seen the movie, you'll recognize most of the plot with a few twists - especially a few San Francisco-friendly ones. I'm sure this musical will go to Broadway soon and stay there for years and years similar to what happened to my favorite musical of all time, Wicked.

Wicked started in San Francisco about 4 years ago and is now running nationwide. I've seen it 4 times (3 times in San Francisco, 1 time on Broadway). I highly recommend seeing it if you haven't. It's a fictional story based on what happens before the "Wizard of Oz" between the "good" witch and the "bad" witch. The chemistry between the two witches is amazing. The original songs/music is so addictive. My friends and I have listedned to the CD at least 100 times. You can't stop listening! It's now playing in Los Angeles - not too far from the SF Bay Area!

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Kathryn said...

LOVED "Wicked" also. Saw it twice! I think I am about to wear out the CD though:-) Hugs, Your Buddy Kathryn