Monday, March 19, 2007

Complaint Free World, The Secret

A Complaint Free World?

Ah.....wouldn't this be nice? No complaining, no criticizing, no sarcasm, no gossiping. Can it happen? One church in Kansas City, MO thinks so. It's simple, you get this free purple bracelet from them. You put it on your wrist. You move from wrist to wrist each time you criticize, complain, gossip or say a sarcastic word/phrase. The trick is to do this wrist switch even if you "think" of doing any one of these 4 things. When I first heard about this cool program, about 10 days ago, they had given out 750,000 bracelets. Now look at it - 1,000,000 and rising. Why not order your free bracelets today? Read all about it. To remember the site - just go to

The Secret is no Longer

If you're one of the 5 to 10 people who hasn't hear of "The Secret," I'm here to tell you about it. The Secret is the latest amalgamation of thinking of the great minds in the growth and self-improvement movement. It's a wonderful reminder about the "Law of Attraction." It talks about what you think is what you bring into your life. If you think positively about something "I want an abundant life," you will attract what you need for abundance. If you think "I want to be out of debt," you will stay in debt, as the mind misses the word "out." For me, it's a great reminder of how the mind creates our reality. In other words, "perception is reality."

You can watch the whole move on-line for $4.95 - something I haven't seen for a mainstream media before. You can purchase the DVD from $25 - $35 (There are 3,555 items on ebay for The Secret, 544 which are the DVDs). BTW, there's the "original Secret" and the "edited Secret." You'll only be able to get the "Original Secret with Esther Hicks" on ebay or through other non-current retail outlets. You can read the blog. There's an official Secret Seminar. You'll probably be able to buy the tee shirt and mug soon (oops - time to change the bracelet). There's even a follow up - "The Secret - The Next Step" due in Sept 2007.

Commonality between A Complaint Free World and The Secret

What do the Purple Bracelets and The Secret have in common? How are they different? I believe that both projects started to do good and to make a difference in this world. The purple bracelet project seems more altruistic and pure and will lead to a better world. Granted, it's most likely making oodles of money for the church through donations - I donated for my 10 bracelets - but I doubt this was the motive. The Secret will also lead to a better world through people being positive and attracting good into their lives. The Secret seems more like a money making venture the the complaintfreeworld project. When I first heard about it - The Secret sounded mysterious and fun. The more I see of it, the more I get a little bid jaded about the motives from the main author/producer and all the people who are "cashing in" on doing the video. Granted, I don't read all the reviews and publicity around both events - but I don't hear about Rhonda Byrne giving money to charity or other social causes from all the wealth she's accumulated from making "The Secret." I'd love to be proven wrong.

One last note, both of these hugely successful project are wonderful examples of viral marketing. My guess is that neither project spent very much on advertising or marketing. I heard about both through word of mouth and my guess is that others did the same. In my experiences in teh self-growth movement, The Celestine Prophecy and The One Minute Manager were both examples of excellent viral marketing which also took on very wonderful personal feels - not hitting you over the head with their messages.

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