Saturday, March 31, 2007

Google Earth, Microsoft Maps

Google Earth

Have you seen the earth from Google's point of view, aka Google Earth, yet? It's a super cool way to travel the earth without ever leaving the comfort of your office/home. You can spend hours using this! One of the cool new features they have is "Sight Seeing Tour" which you use by clicking on the link near locations and it will take you all over the world. You can see street names in most parts of the world, you can also have it show you lodging and restaurants. For a $20/year upgrade, you get to plug in GPS points and have better printing of maps.

For a long time, this was a Windows-only product - now Mac folks can use it, too!

Some cool other sites enhancing the experience:

Google Sightseeting - Offering lots of places to see in the world, plus updates about GE.

Google Earth Blog - Lots of tidbits about the Google Earth product, rumors, image updates. They even have add-ons not yet published on GE.

Microsoft Maps Live

Yup, Microsoft has their own version Live Maps! Of course, you have to install some add-ons and it can only run on Microsoft Internet Explorer (it's now looking like desperation rather then incompetence that they don't design stuff to work on any platform). I messed around with this for about 15 minutes. It's kinda cool - and the building search is fun. I still prefer Google Earth.

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