Thursday, March 01, 2007

Online Photo Sharing - Printing

Online Photo Sharing - Photo Printing

There are many site which allow you to share your photos online. Ones that I've tried and I've liked are: Picasa by Google, Snapfish by HP, Kodak Gallery (formerly Ofoto), Flickr by Yahoo and Shutterfly. Photo prices range from 12c - 19c/4 x 6 print. They all have first 15 - 30 prints free for first order. The photos are pretty incredible.

My new favorite of all these sits is Winkflash. First, they have the cheapest 4x6 around at 12c. They have a 99c/batch shipping fee. Doesn't matter how many photos you have printed. They have unlimited storage of your photos. You can have very large resolution photos - which uploaad at full resolution - and you and your friends can download these at their set resolution. Most sites either won't ever let you download your photos at full resolution or charge you a price for this benefit. You could use this site just to store photos - and never print a single photo. The painful thing with this site is that they have no "import contact" function, so you have to type in contacts, one at a time. Other then taht drawback, thsi is the photo site to beat!

An awesome, lenghty comparison of all the photo sharing sites can be found on Cnet.

Happy Shooting!

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