Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I need a stronger wireless connection

I need to come up with a solution for my wireless network that doesn't want to work at night. Drivin' me nuts!

CF, Menlo Park, CA

Could I run a cable from the tv room to the office and plug it into the router?

Would there be any set up required to make that work?

Is my only other option the $60.00/month broadband card from my cell phone provider?

Great Question, CF! Here are 4 of many options:

1. Run cable from router to TV room. Will work great. No setup req'd. Cheapest, easiest, not super elegant (especially when guests/clients over, also tripping factor).

2. We can send our wiring guy out. He can run cable, hiding it, so you just have 2 plugs, like phone jacks, one near router, one in TV room. You plug in short permanent cable from wall to router and one from laptop to wall in TV room, as needed. Cost - about $150 - elegant, simple, with wire.

3. Upgrade wireless router/wireless card for laptop to Wireless "N" (a pre-standard, not 100% ratified yet, but proving effective). About $200 for router and new wireless card - get stronger wireless signal - should, not guaranteed, keep strong connection. Most elegant, simple, a bit pricey, no monthly fee, not guaranteed (but you could return equipment).

4. Get $60/month broadband service. Will work 100% of the time. Can use in booths, airports, hotels, coffee shops. Don't need to pay hotel/coffee shop charges. Most expensive, most elegant.

I have Spring PCS broadband card - I love it. Super fast - connects every time.

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