Monday, October 22, 2007

PDF - Reading - Creating - without Acrobat

PDF - Reading - Creating - without Acrobat

Well, I know this episode seems pretty un-sexy, but we all do it and need it. We all read PDF attachments, most of the time using Acrobat Reader, that come in our email. The biggest complaints we get are "Acrobat is so slow" and "Acrobat crashed my Internet."

There are dozens of solutions out there to Acrobat reading and creating. My two favorite programs are PDF Xchange and pdf995. If you want a super quick way to read PDFs, PDF Xchange is the one for you. It's a quick download and has lots more features that Acrobat. You get lots of features that Acrobat doesn't offer: quick opening of files, can annotate PDFs with stickie notes, type directly into PDFs, and export PDF files to images and lots more!

For creating PDFs, I love pdf995. It's quick and simple. It installs a virtual PDF printer driver which you just use by hitting "File, Print" and you can convert any document to a PDF file. The only negative of this free tool is Adware, where it shows ads. You can purchase whole suite for $19.95 - a great bargain.

A couple of other free alternatives for PDF conversion:

Microsoft Office PDF/XPS converter - this allows you to convert Microsoft Office 2007 documents to PDF. You must have Microsoft Office 2007 to use this utility.

Zamar, a utility I've converted in the past, converts almost anything into almos anything (how's that for specific!). It will covert up to a 100 mb file from say a word doc to PDF. They also add conversion of websites to video sites such as YouTube. You uplad file, they send you a link, then you download converted files.

For more cool free utilities, go to my web tour at: Go to the last line of the cool products and you'll see 'em there.

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