Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Going Green - Sending Holiday Cards - 100% Recycled Paper & Envelopes

Going Green - Sending Holiday Cards - 100% Recycled Paper & Envelopes

Isn't it time to go back to "old school" ways and send paper cards? It's so much fun...read on!

Clyde's Tech Tips

November 10, 2007

Volume 7: Issue 6

Going Green - Sending Holiday Cards - 100% Recycled Paper & Envelopes

You might be asking, what's this have to do with Tech or Tips. Well, it's our special holiday edition and we want to share this super cool way for you to get out your holiday cards without the hassle and expense of both traditional and online stores. With over 14,000 cards to choose from PLUS the ability to create your own cards, our selected is incomparable. Additionally, you can continue to use these cards throughout the year for birthdays, thank you notes, and "just thinking of you" cards.



Yes, it's true, back in August, Send Out Cards went
Green with 100% Recycled paper. We take your words and the card you pick and we print your card, stuff it in an envelope, put a stamp on it (a first class stamp, not bulk rate), and snail mail it to any address in the world with a postal/zip code.

So, in addition to 100% recycled envelopes and paper, we offer:

$0.62/card (People are paying $2.95/card, $3.95/card up to $5.95/card) + 1st class stamp

Add Gift cards to your card (Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Home Depot, the Gap and many more)

Include fresh Caramels with each card sent

Your Own Personal Handwriting in each card

Your Own Signature (or Family Signature) in each car

Cool Glossy Finish to make Photos Really Stand Out

Over 14,000 cards to choose from - Over 700 Xmas Cards, Seasons Greeting Cards, Hanukkah & Kwanzaa Cards

It's not too early to send your holiday cards. The earlier, the better in fact, to have your cards stand out from the rest.

We recommend you send Thanksgiving Cards in the next week

Or send your Holiday Cards the first week of December.

No matter what you send, when you send it, have a great holiday season!

Holiday Cheers,
Clyde Lerner

www.SendOutCards.com/Clyde (send 3 cards out - on me!)

Clyde Lerner, In The Moment Computing, 408.732.8500 www.ITMComputing.com

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