Sunday, March 09, 2008

Etch-a-Sketch - Game for all Generations

Haven't played the game in years, but just ran across this online version. You clear the screen, by click on "show menu," then use your your up/down/right/left keys to make a design. If you use a combination of keys, such as left/up, you can make diagonal lines. This is one of those things that might get you re-addicted (who wasn't at age 10?) again! If you really love what you've done, you can post to the gallery or email it to a friend. I'd love to see what you draw!!

Caution - some of the "gallery" items have some disturbing imagery and aren't suitable for young minds.

Of course, artists find this as a great medium to express themselves, as shown by the Salvador Dali Representation at the top of this page created by Jeff Gagliardi, who didn't grow up with an Etch-a-Sketch, but picked one up when he first got to college!

Another Etch-a-Sketch artist is Nicole Falzone. She has several of her pieces, including Albert Einstein below, on her site.

And if all this virtual etch-a-sketch is just too much online-ness, go to eBay and pick up the real thing!

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