Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hey that's doesn't look like Google! Does it?

Well, an interesting trend has developed. I stumbled upon a way to get to a stripped down search of Yahoo & Live (formerly MSN) , resembling Google in a big way. What's really freaky is there are no ads at all on these 2 sites. Go to and and get pelted with ads. Go to,, or and you'll get no ads. You can also click on images on this page to get to the sites. The big Question of the day - when Yahoo and Microsoft merge, will there name be MicroHoo?

Speaking of Google, how 'bout save a little energy and go "blackle" with Google. This is a site that removes all the white pixels, thus saving all the energy pumping out those white pixels. Wouldn't print it, though. It will use up all your ink cartridge.

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Robert said...

Hey Clyde,

Interesting blog, I would have never guessed that you were a Stevie Wonder fan, that's cool. I really never was a big fan of Stevie Wonder but I do appreciate the talent the man has. Enjoy the show, July 5th is my birthday.