Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gauge of US & Canadian Gas Prices

We'll - something we all love to hate - the escalation prices of we pay at the pump. Isn't gas like a utility - like PG&E and Water? Why isn't it regulated the same way? I'm not much of a "pro" regulation person, but this has gotten out of control with Oil Companies making obscene profits and brining down the whole US econonmy. Exxon Profits. Shell Profits.

Until we get someone with a brain larger than a pea in the White house, here's a cool way to monitor prices for gas! Here's the California Gas Price Listing. Click on it and you can check your local area - Canada or United States. Or just go to Gas Buddy and start the sad search for prices in your area.

Gas Buddy
Great way to eeek out another few cents on your gas prices

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