Saturday, May 10, 2008

Artist Spotlight - Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder - Musical Genius

With Stevie Wonder (9,240,000 hits on Google!) going on tour for the hundredth or so time - okay, he's just turning turning 58 on May 13th, so that may be an exaggeration - I thought I'd spotlight some of his videos. I'll be seeing him on July 5th for the 2nd time in Mt. View California. BTW, tix go on sale this Sunday - May 11th! This is his first show in 10 years! I saw Stevie Wonder with my sister at the Oakland Coliseum in the '90s! Would love to hear your stories - tell 'em here - of your Stevie Wonder Concert going experiences. Until then, I'll be living for the city.

Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles

Steve Wonder playing Superstition on Sesame Street - 1973
Listen closely for modified lyrics

Stevie Wonder with Grover on Sesame Street - 1973

Little Stevie Wonder - 1960s

Hit the Road Jack - Ray Charles
Found this gem when viewing Stevie, it's a classic!

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