Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Cat or Dog Is Sick - Now What? Test Cat IQ!

My Cat or Dog Is Sick - Now What?

Pet Side is a great place to do a diagnosis of your cat or dog's health. You start by click on the "dog" or "cat." If you cannot figure out the difference, my sympathies go to your rabbit. After you clicked on cat, click on the part of the cat, then pick the behavior, than click on "possible conditions" (this is where the site separates the "mock" vets from the real McCoy). You'll see a good write up on the condition and what to do. Next step, ask "Dr. Lauren" or Call the vet!!

This site is more "symptom" based with a long list of stuff. I'd compare the results of PetSide to this site and see which one you like better. I'm sure, depending on your brain type (Left Brain or Right Brain), you'll like one better!
We all know we have the smartest cat on the planet. Well, now's your chance to quantify the number. Let me know how it turns out!

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