Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Clyde's Tech Tips - "Help! I can't send my Emails!" Email settings explained.

"Help! I can't send my Emails!" Email settings explained.

Email providers are getting stricter and stricter with their email settings and how they let you send email to try and squash SP*M. From my point of view, it has just made it more of a hassle for folks to send email and the sp*m go right along and still send tons of sp*m. At least 70% of the email I receive is now sp*m. We are getting lots of calls from our clients about these issues, so we wanted to send out all the settings in hopes of saving you some hassles. Even if your email is working today, it might not work tomorrow. If you don't update using these settings, as AT&T and Comcast are rolling out these changes in phases, you may find yourself not being able to send email.

I've posted settings for three popular Internet Providers in my latest ezine - - click on "free newsletter" in upper right corner. I have put the exact settings using Outlook as an example.

You'll need to adapt these settings to your particular email program. You should be able to use most of these settings (like Port numbers) for almost any email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Entourage, Apple Mail, Eudora, Pegasus, and many others) and any email provider and/or web host. If you run into problems sending email (which is the most common complaint we get here at In The Moment Computing), call either your ISP or your webhost (if you have your own domain name). If that doesn't work, we're here to help at 408.732.8500.

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