Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HP Mini - Super cool travel notebook - Under $500

HP Mini - Super cool travel notebook - Under $500

The HP Mini Notebook is a super light (2.6#) small screened notebook for folks on the run. It has everything one could need except a DVD/CD drive, but this should be okay for most folks. It has lots of ports for adding USB devices and a Broadband card from your favorite wireless carrier. It comes pre-configured with either Linux, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. What distinguishes it from other ultraportable notebooks - is the solid construction and the awesome, almost full (90%), keyboard.

Heres' a detailed presentation worth watching: A Nerd's Video Presentation

I haven't found one I could "touch and feel" yet, but I'm hoping to get an eval unit. If you have any contacts at HP - send 'em my way!

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