Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm gonna sell my life - all of it

I'm gonna sell my life - all of it

Okay, it's not really me. It's this funky guy in Australia. I've heard of "letting go" of possessions and thoughts, but these folks take it to the extreme.

They claim, if these are indeed for real, that they're going to sell all their possessions - their homes, their clothes, their pets, (their kids&spouses?), their furniture to the highest bidder. Once price is paid, they'll walk out with wallet and passport. It's amazing what the Internet has brought us. Directly from Australia eBay! I did a quick search of US ebay - we're not as crazy yet!

If you need to know what the AU $$ convert to, just go to Universal Currency Converter.

I'm sure this is the original guy who started it all. Make sure to check out videos.

Thanks for the tip Harondel!

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