Friday, June 06, 2008

Speak It - It's Magic - Text It/Email It

Speak It - It's Magic - Text It/Email It

Don't you hate it when you're driving or in line for the groceries/movies and you just don't have the time to jot a note which you'll later want to recall? Well, this is one thing you can cross off your list, as both of these services convert your spoken text to text messages/emails. They have a lot in common - they're both free, they both allow you to add "friends" (so you can verbally send text messages/emails to folks), you can set appointments, you can text yourself,

Allows for date/time of reminders. Sends a summary via email of all Jott's you made the prior day. You get ones you sent and received - both text and links to their website to listen to voice.

These are all the links you can use for your Jott service. For instance you can say, "Amazon ipod shuffle" and you'll instantly get pricing via text message. Makes it great when you're out shopping, eh? There's a very extensive list, beyond this, of site you can link to Jott.

Instead of links to the website, you get the actual audio files emailed to you. I've been testing both services - and so far, I'm finding the voice recognition on this service, a bit more precise the Jott. With Reqall - you can access your photos set up in Picasa web albums.

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