Friday, August 15, 2008

Sync Your Blackberry with iTunes

Sync your Blackberry with iTunes

Blackberry just keeps innovating and is slowly creeping up on the iPhone's territory. You'll see from our sister site ITM Rumors that Blackberry will be releasing a phone without a keypad called the Blackberry Thunder. Should be out before year's end. They've now released a cool new piece of free software called the Blackberry Media Sync. Download, install and pick iTunes playlists to put on Blackberry. You can sync these or have Blackberry do a random selection of music. You control how much music goes on Blackberry. You definitely want to have a memory card for this operation!

Strangely enough, this cool new software is only supported on the Windows platform. You need XP/Vista, the latest version of iTunes and a "wired" connection to your computer. And while you're having fun with your Blackberry - get a free Olympics 8/8/8 Application to follow the games!

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