Saturday, September 27, 2008

Google Phone - Android

9/27/2008 Update
T-mobile Live Event Transcription - phone has been officially announced and will be ready for sale on 10/22/2008. The phone is dubbed the "G1."

There really isn’t a “Google Phone,” per se, but it sounds better saying Gphone or Google Phone, than Android.

Android is a new operation system (platform) developed by Google that can be adopted by all the cell phone manufacturers. T-mobile is the first. It joins Palm, Windows, iPhone and Symbian operating systems among many others. I hoping Verizon adds it next!

When the T-mobile phone is released , the owners will have an Apps store like iPhone. Something tells me Google will charge for the Apps - to recoup $10m paid!

Here's an Gphone demo done by Sergie, a co-founder of Google.

Android features: Touch phone, Move web pages with fingers, Rich browser history (you see thumbnails of past web pages you’ve seen), 3 G speed, Panorama images/satellite on maps, and tons more stuff. I bet there will be everything that's on the current iPhone platform.

Applications – Google awarded $10,000,000 to the developers of the best applications! The best 10 app winners got $275,000 each, the next 10 app winners won $100,000. Some of my favorites:

Where can I go tonight? Parties? Clubs?

Diggin (as in Diggin Your Music)
Fully interactive, customizable music player/streaming radio

Phonebook 2.0
Saves phone numbers on a remote s
erver – never to be lost again – when phone is stolen or dropped in puddle of water

(tracks down a local cab)

Carpooling -
matches up drivers and riders

Add word balloons, titles, and props to the cell phone cameras and upload 'em

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Scan a barcode to instantly check if that "sale price" really is a good deal.

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