Friday, September 19, 2008

Watch Netflix movies on your TV

Watch Netflix movies on your TV

A simple little, $99 box, Netflix player made by Roku, was released for purchase about 4 months ago. I wrote Netflix
for a test unit and got one a few days later. Within 2 days, I was up and running watching my "streaming" queue from
Netflix on my TV in about 5 minutes. All you do is hook up the box to your receiver/TV, plug it in, and plug in either an
ethernet cable or enter wireless settings for your wireless network. You can browse the queue of "Watch Instantly" movies
as though you were on your computer. There's a tab in Netlfix, so you can add "Watch Instantly" to your queue on comptuer,
then watch on Netflix box. You only need a basic subscription, $8.95/month, to watch movies instantly either on computer or
using this cool Roku Netflix player.

Oh, that's right, isn't there something out there from Apple that let's you do the same thing? Let's see, you
can watch 3 movies from Apple for $8.97 (unlimited from Netflix for a month at $8.95), Apple TV cost $229 (Netflix
box cost $99), Apple rentals last 24 hours (Netflix rentals don't expire), Apple offers up HD movies (Netflix quality
is good, but not HD), and you have to use proprietary software (itunes) to run Apple TV (with Netflix Roku box
you just plug it in and it works - geeze isn't that the way Apple used to work?). Quite the comparison, eh?

A more detailed review for the nerds, geeks, and OCD folks out there!

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