Friday, November 21, 2008

Storming In - The Blackberry iPhone is Out!

After much anticipation, rumors and innuendo, the Blackberry Storm has been released by Blackberry and Verizon Wireless (exclusive vendor). It's the first touch screen Blackberry. It's beyond cool. It has everything the iPhone has and so much more! If you're considering purchasing an iPhone, there is FINALLY an alternative. As with all amazingly cool products, it doesn't hurt to wait 2-3 weeks before purchasing one, though. There are always little bugs to be worked out, as we've seen with the iPhone 1.0 and the iPhone 2.0.

One glaring omission is the lack of Mac support. Up to now, all you needed was Blackberry's PocketMac to sync phones. As of now, you cannot sync the Storm with your Mac for free. You have to purchase an add-on product like Missing Sync. As of Friday, 11/21, there is no mention of the Blackberry Storm on their web page. It's a bit ironic that Blackberry doesn't sync to Mac, since they're trying to hone in on iPhone market.

Amazing Features
  • 3.2 mp Camera
  • Flick'r and Facebook App
  • GPS Navigation
  • 4 radio frequency bands (195 countries)
  • Send video to friends with 5 Instant Messaging programs
  • Swappable SD cards for storing movies/photos
  • Speaker with noise canceling features
  • Full HTML browser for browsing the web
  • Turn phone and images and keyboard trun with you
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Bluetooth Stereo
  • Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Keyboard - 2 type Qwerty & Double Letter/Key
  • Phone keyboard, turn, then you have Qwerty
  • Each icon is highlighted as you click
  • Amazing screen for video
  • Changeable Batteries
The Guided Verizon Storm Tour gives lots of good details

Engadget's Review is full of very honest feedback plus photos. They feel the Storm comes up short in learning curve and in the way the keypad works.

Price: $199 w/2 year, $249 w/1 year


Free activation 11/21 - 11/24
Free overnight shipping (if ordered online)

As I recommend for all phone purchases, go to the store and take a test drive. You won't know how much you like a phone until you actually try it.

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