Thursday, November 20, 2008

Woot & Price Grabber - Deals of the Day

With our battered economy, we want to get the best price for every thing we buy. It's deals, deals, deals! A week from tomorrow is "Black Friday," where there will be tremendous shopping deals, as it's the beginning of the holiday season. I will be covering this in more detail in future blog posts.

Did you know there are "Deals of the Day" every day with Woot and Price Grabber? There is usually one item (or set of items) which have a great price for only 24 hours.

An example today on Price Grabber is a set of luggage for $119.

Woot is featuring a nice camera/laptop bag for only $59.

Woot has a brother and sister site as well: WootShirt and WootWine. Who knows what they'll be Wooting next!

In addition to having the deal of the day on Price Grabber, it's a great place for comparison shopping. I love how the costs include shipping and tax. Note: they don't usually include Amazon in their comparisons, which is oftentimes the low-price leader.

In the famous words of George W. Bush, "Let's save America. Go shopping."

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