Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great Gift for Holidays - a Netbook

Over this past year, there's been a new class of Notebooks called "netbooks." It's short for "Interent Notebooks." They are very portable comptuers (most are 3 pounds and less than 2" thick) - with full functionality of a regular notebook, but usually have limited hard disk space and aren't speed demons that can be used for gaming. They are primarily used for Internet, Email and Chatting. They usually do not contain a CD/DVD drive. The usually come in colors and sometimes are even designer ones (as in HP Vivienne Tam model).

These are all Windows Netbooks. There are STRONG rumors that Apple will come out with its own netbook next month - but you never know until they release it at MacWorld. Sadly, the only rumor I've heard is that there will be a new Mac Mini - ho, hum.

Listed below is a set of notebooks on the market. As I get experience with them, I'll be writing reviews. 

Acer - only $99 at Radio Shack - Get on 3 G network (must sign up for 2 years).

Acer One $372 with Windows XP and 8.9" screen

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 starts at $499 Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux. Lots of cool cases!!

HP Mini 1000 starts at $359 Windows XP

HP Vivienne Tam Netbook Fun Review Great Video (actually a custom HP Mini 100) starts at $699 Windows XP

Lenovo S10 (White,Blue,Red,Pink,Black,Silver) start at $349 Windows XP

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