Friday, January 23, 2009

Windows Worm Stealing People's Identities

There is a horrible Windows Bug/Virus/Worm out there named Conficker or Downadup. It is a malicious little program spreading quite rapidly through the Internet, infecting millions of computers as you read this. Unfortunately, there's no "single" solution as of yet. The worst part about this program is that it's stealing people's identities and will possibly, in the next day or two, steal lots of identities the same day and/or crash people's computers.

How can you fix things, right now?

The way we've been recommending for 11+ years.

Do your Windows Updates: (Open up Internet Explorer, Go to Tools, Windows Update).

Install Anti-virus and Anti-spyware Software (we like AVG and Spybot)

Enable Personal Firewall (Windows and Mac have these built-in)

Get a Router that has built-in Firewall.

Microsoft did a preliminary patch in October, but unfortunately many people haven't done their Windows Updates. Do them. Now.

Will update as I get more information.

An detailed explanation for the Geeks out there.

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