Saturday, February 21, 2009

Come on feel the noise of the IceKube

I just turned my notebook into an enormous sound system, and it was the coolest D.I.Y. project I have completed since my childhood treehouse. Assembling my new desktop/sound system was waaaaaay easier than my treehouse. I just plugged it in, replaced the expired battery in the remote, put the IceKube (no freezing needed!) on my desk and BAM!
D.I.Y. is so much easier with this IceKube by IceTechUSA than it was with any of those tools in the garage. I love this little speaker box. You hook it up to iPod, notebook, or any other device that needs sound. You plug it into the wall. You put it on a table or ANY other smooth surface, turn up the volume and be blown away by the sound!! I use it for my iPod and my notebook which has crappy speakers. It's almost like Bose made it. The price is amazing for such a supple sounding device.

This is a must-have for anyone who has ever loved the music so much they wanted to crawl inside the hollowed out space of their speaker. If you set this gadget up on you kitchen counter, that's exactly what I imagined inside of the speaker to sound like.

This compact device employs the newest acoustic vibration technology which produces fantastic sound from almost any solid surface. Mechanical vibrations emanated from the iceKube become vibrating pressure waves, transferring sound to the surface upon which it sits turning it into an acoustic speaker. 

Come on, feel the noise! - Any Quiet Riot Fans out there?

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