Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Conficker Virus - due April 1 - Are You Prepared?

Well, if you haven't heard by now, one of the worst computer worms in current history, Conficker, is spreading rapidly throughout the Internet and will deliver its payload on April 1st.

First off, Mac & Linux users can stop reading now (unless you want to help your friends using Windows PCs, Notebooks and Servers).

One Easy Test to see if you're infected - Go to Symantec and Mcafee websites. If you cannot get to these sites via this blog, you may have the virus, as it blocks you from these sites.

Symptoms of Conficker
  • The worm resets System Restore points and disables a number of system services such as Windows Automatic Update, Windows Security Center, Windows Defender and Windows Error Reporting.
  • Account lockout policies being reset automatically.
  • Domain controllers responding slowly to client requests.
  • Unusual amounts of traffic on local area networks.
How can you protect your machine?

I know this will come as a great shock to all of my regular readers, but might be new to those of you reading for first time:

1) Run all your Windows and Microsoft Updates
2) Update and run your anti-virus software
3) Update and run your anti-spyware software
4) Run an on-line scan
5) Great Solution from Panda A vaccine for your computer and your USB hard drive/removable drives - a common way Conficker spreads.

I've created a security page with a whole mess of free security tools. Take your pick!

Microsoft explains Conficker. Wikipedia goes into even more details.

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