Monday, March 23, 2009

Mozy - the Utlimate Backup Machine - Updated

Remember that day at the office, when the whole network just shut down and your financial documents, your invoices, your timecards, your client data, your drafts, the whole thing just went kablooie and then the experts said you have to replace your hard drive?

Or maybe you remember the time your nephew emailed a forward to everyone he knew, everyone they knew, and even more people you didn't know--and before you knew you it, your computer caught the crazy superbug-virusworm of the year. Then you shelled out hundreds for a techie to back up the system, clean everything up, and then when you got your computer back it was never the same.

I hope this never happens to you. Unfortunately, these sad stories happen to lots of people every day (about 10% hard drives fail each year). Computers are vulnerable to hard drive crashes, virus attacks, theft and natural disasters, and other mean things erase everything in an instant.

It's so important to backup, we stress this all the time. Now, we can backup our hard drives online at Windows-icon MozyHome for Windows orMac-icon-bw MozyHome for Mac.

Don't stop there, after you've backed it up be sure that Mozy is working. Review history and also log in to site and check last date of backup.

If you're already using Mozy, then good for you. You'll enjoy the new enhancements, like "Mobile Network Awareness," a file search feature, a graphic to help you find the newest set of backed up data, and a warning system when your running low on space. Customers who are using the service for free can upgrade to "Unlimited" via the configuration wizard. And they've fixed the bug that kept the status window from refreshing properly post-error (that's right--it was them, not you!), the connection speed is improved, and the Restore button displays the new status after the files are backed up. You'll enjoy the new key mappings, too!

Mozy has recently updated to new versions. The new versions: for Windows & for Mac.

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