Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Top 10 Tech Support Sites for Mac Users

We do Windows - We do Macs. You can be either one - we're computer operating system agnostic. They're both computers and we'll help you any time - day/night to fix them. When we're not around - especially with your Mac/iPod and iPhone woes, here are a few sites to help you out during the few hours we sleep per night.

1. ITM Computing. Again: We. Are. So. There

2. Mac Hints and Tips. This site offers a really cool newsletter in pdf that is also a compilation of fellow Mac users' most helpful and newest hints, that is usually pages long. Okay, they ask for a donation and true, they deserve it.

3. Google for Mac. That's right. A Google just for you.

4. Mac Options. This one has a special section just for newbies. (We just love keyboard shortcuts!)

5. Official Apple Support Site. It might read like stereo instructions, but it's all there.

6. Using Mac. Updated regularly and useful for the very and the less experienced.

7. iPodLounge. Nobody keeps their manuals anymore. But these folks have 'em all! You can download your iPod manuals or iTunes how-tos for FREE!

8. Ask Dave Taylor. You can ask this guy anything. Anything. Bizarre, simplistic,you name it.

9. Lost IPod. If you lost your precious music mini-robot, there's a chance that someone picked it up and they are good person who believes that every iPod deserves its rightful parent. Just search for your music mini-robot's serial number, and if someone found it and registered, you might just bring him back home...but you'll take better care of him from now on, right?

10. Mac Tutorials, News and Reviews. Practical tips. Also offers "Daily Mac Tips" in iTunes or non-iTunes format (An homage to the old "Apple a Day" adage, just for your computer.)

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