Sunday, March 01, 2009

Top 10 Travel Sites--Clyde Style!

1. PriceLine: The best thing to happen to online haggling since E-bay. Seriously, travelers get to negotiate their own price on air-fare. No joke. William Shatner's kung-fu karate chop endorsement doesn't hurt either.

2.SouthWest: OK, so sometimes you really can get a great deal on an airline's website. No really, you can. And since you know you're going to be getting on a Southwest jet, you know you're getting Southwest's service--which is famous in the industry (hence, the reality show that aired on A&E a few years ago).

3. YELP!: If you want the real low-down on the car rental agency, the spa, the hotel, or the restaurant scene at your destination, check out yelp for actual consumer's reviews. (And after your trip, you can rave about your new favorite places...or warn the rest of the world about what to avoid at that funky Indian restaurant.).

4. CraigsList: Maybe you're not looking for the typical hotel experience. Ever heard of housing swap? Maybe you want to see what it's like to live in the town and away from the tourist trap.

5. Travelocity: Convenience is king. One site, three services (flight, hotel, and car), no sticker

6. Travel Advisor: Get a mini travel guide for any city you go to. Get restaurants, sites, hotels, all in a neat pdf you can print and take with you.

7. RV Traveler: Some people say that it's the only way to travel. I think it's just plain fun.

8. OneSky Private Charters: Arrive in style on San Jose's private jet charter. And we're not talking about those little Cesna island-hoppers with room for four. Rock-star sized jets. (I haven't done this yet personally, but it's definitely on the bucket list.)

9. ReserveAmerica: If you're thinking about turning off your computer for a week and heading out to the great outdoors this summer. ReserveAmerica is THE official site for all National and State parks.

10. Cheap Tickets: I'm a sucker for a good bargain. This is certainly worth checking out if you need to get somewhere on a dime.

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