Friday, March 06, 2009

Top 10 Windows Tech Support Sites

About 99% of the time, I (and my company) In the Moment Computing, can be there for you when you need us. For that rare occassion, when we aren't, or when you just feel like "doing it yourself," we list a few sites you may find helpful when applying for a job with us as a Senior technician ;-)!

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1. ITM Computing OB-viously! We have loads of content in both our "Web Tour" and "Ezines" sections.

2. The self-proclaimed "most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Microsoft Windows." These guys really seem to just get it.

3. Ask Dave Taylor You know those questions that feel so simple that you don't even know who to ask, because you feel like you're supposed to already know? Don't feel bad! Dave Taylor will willingly help you with everything from your facebook questions to what to do after you washed your mP3 player in the laundry. The guy just loves to help.

4. Windows Articles and FAQs from the Windows Support Center. Here are some really great articles that are not too complicated to read on issues like "Computer Health."

5. Windows Support Sites includes a thorough list of help sites for Windows95 thru Vista .

6. STOP Error Codes has a complete list of those error messages and the methods to end them. Listed and linked in an easy-to-find numeric listing. Those messages put the "error" in "terror."

7. Gizmo's Tech Support Alert is an online tech support community with forums and a supersimple menu help menu.

8. YouTube when you just need to vent. YouTube's your voice on the internet. And sometimes it helps just to watch a replay of that scene in Office Space where the guys go smash-crazy on that old printer. Supportive? Maybe not technically, but some psychologists would agree with me on this one. (Note: Avoid the urge to re-enact!)

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9. Microsoft Support Site This site used to be extremely frustrating to use, but it has come a long way in recent years. The search tool specifically is a lot less irratating, because you can filter out a lot of the junk--instead of getting 5,788,320 results. Just give it another chance!

10. Google Books Missing your manual? Check here. Google has an endless list of books, including a lot of Helpers and How-tos like "Windows for Dummies" and "Windows Vista: The Missing Manual." Not only can you read the book straight from your monitor, but you can search for key words in the the texts, too (that's even easier than using the ol' fashioned index from the paper models!).

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