Monday, March 16, 2009

What the Bleep?, the Musical Facebook

Blip. What more needs to be said.

It's such a great use of Web 2.0 community. You start by finding your favorite music. You listen. You blip. Basically, blipping is a way to share a short message while sharing your favorite song.

You start blipping like crazy - and soon you attract a following. You give "props" to folks - telling them you like their style. They "prop" you. In addition to propping, you start adding your favorite DJs. As you start getting more and more DJs, you get quite a diverse, ecletic set of music. After a few days of blipping out, you can just rest - go to your Blip page, kick back and let the music begin. It plays song after song of your favorite folks - just like a radio station - except, no commercials!! You can buy the song your listening to and can often turn it into a ring tone. If you're tired of listening to your favorite DJs, listed to your own playlist!

But, wait, there's more. . . . you can hook up Blip to Twitter and Facebook (if you have Twitter enabled) and about 5 other social networking sites. So every time you Blip, your songs go to all you peeps. Speaking of peeps, like all other Social networking sites, you can import all of your email addresses via web-based or a list of addresses.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Blip out of her and start Blipping!

PS Don't forget to put the ".fm" at the end of blip, or it will be a funky experience.

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