Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekly Update Digest: "The Good News, and Just the Good News"

April 13

Had a stupendous Passover Seder with my family.

Fun at Church on Easter Sunday!

April 14

Manic Monday - just a little too true - Great Cover of Prince Song ♫

April 15
Coldwell Banker, Here I come to give a talk on Social Networking! Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, and even are the true stars.” -

Make sure to sign up on to get free answers to all your tech questions.

ClydeTechTip Here's a fun random survey I created on Google Docs - Have fun with it!

Off to meeting, then prepping for "Does Social Marketing Really Work?" Teleconference call.

.And the 2009 Woman of the Year for the San Jose, CA Ewomen Network is . . . E.J. Hong. Congrats E.J.!!!

April 17 10 am
Wow - Oprah has 44,531 followers - and only follow 9 people - without a single tweet! Update 4/18-11:15pm - 317,300

Can't stop watching Susan Boyle video! Just a reminder - Don't judge a singer by her age/appearance. Guess she's being 17 - again. Susan Boyle - British Idol

Caaahlifornia Gouvenor (sic) Ahnold at the peak of his career as body builder. Might want to turn speakers down.

>ClydeTechTip Mind Mapping. Such a great way to organize your thoughts (and books!). Free online tool!

OMG, a Windows Desktop PC for only $179 - what will they think of next?

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