Saturday, May 30, 2009

iPod Shuffle: the littlest Miracle Machine!

I love music as much as my inner child loves a new toy. So I treated both of us to a little something: the new iPod Shuffle.

Apple's iPod just keeps outdoing itself. Then along came the new iPod shuffle. This baby is STIS (So Tiny It Squeaks - squeaks out insanely gorgeous music!) The microsize is, it's most obvious--although less visible feature. The sound is amazing--especially after considering that the new shuffle is smaller than most house keys! Be extra careful not to accidentally wash it with the laundry....

The old Shuffle seemed convenient, as it ostentatiously dangled from my rearview mirror, could store about a hundred or so songs, and I compiled any playlist or genre to fit the mood or setting. The new Shuffle can hold multiple--yes, multiple!--playlists on it.

Like the older model, the new one has the same four buttons. So you might be wondering, "Gee, Clyde. How complicated is that: navigating multiple playlists and songs with these big fingers on this tiny machine with just the four tinier buttons?" Well, relax my large-finger friend. Apple has taken this into consideration. As any iPod-using jogger knows, even regular iPods can complicate a very simple sport. All that searching through the iPod for the right list or song, and stopping what you're doing just to manage the tunes...Gone!

VoiceOver technology allows navigating the multiple playlists with ease. The soothing voice will read the title of the song, or list out your many playlists. No more excuses, joggers: you do not have to stop moving to look at a screen and decipher your next musical move. The $79 iPod is obviously too small for any intelligible screen.

What happened to all the buttons? Well, they're on your earbuds' cord. You can't even stop jogging to find the buttons: it's within a hand's reach! (Yes, the earbuds that the Shuffle comes with are essential for your iPod to work--the only apparent downside to the Shuffle. An upgrade is available, though.)

Don't send your inner-child off to camp just to get him to quit pestering you about a new toy. You know you want this one, too!

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