Monday, July 13, 2009

Name That Tune - Music Social Networking!

One of my fantasy dream jobs as a teen: Rolling Stone Reviewer. Just like that kid in Almost Famous. Now, I'm livin' that dream a little bit these days...almost...just not quite as much as that kid in Almost Famous. Hey, everyone's got a day job--and like anyone else with a day job--or anyone without-- I'm always looking for new ways to connect. Social networking is the easiest and cheapest way to expand your web presence. Why not combine it with your love for music?

And if you have a job, love music, love blogging/writing, and need a new way to expand your web presence Anyway, there's all kinds of new ways to name that tune.
  • Pandora. If you have not met Pandora, please, please, you must go. It's too user friendly to pass up. Just type in an artist or song, and the "music genome project" spits out a tune that you are likely to enjoy--not always the exact song you picked, but something that sounds good to you. You have now created a station on Pandora. You like many different types of music, so you can create ten stations. Veterans of Pandora will be glad to hear that they can share their stations. On Facebook, sure. On Pandora itself, too. See what you're friends are listening to. Type my gmail address in and let's share stations. For only a $36 upgrade (annual) - you get ad-free radio, a desktop application, listen for 5 hours before interacting with Pandora, mini player, skinable, and higher quality audio. Don't forget to get a Pandora player for your iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile phone!

  • The Hype Machine. The earworm that's in your head, the new local artist you caught at the pub downtown, your favorite love song...just name it. Now dwell on that for a second... Write what you like about it, then link it to your blog, the band's official website, or the video on youtube . What you've discovered is good, and the world needs to know about it. Some songs speak to people and inspire them to write an essay. Or a critique. Or a poem. Or a dime novel. Whatever your mastered writing preference is, if you can write it, you can blog it. And if you don't think your a good writer, don't worry about it (you should see some of the people they allow to blog out here! LOL). So go blog that tune!

  • Blip.Fm Dearest readers, have you all enjoyed my sililoquoys on blip? If not, please go. Visit. See what joy being your own dj-blogger will bring to you. You can even share it on your facebook. I [bleep] love blip! Log on - become a listener - Blip until your heart is filled with music!! (Tip - if you set it up to Blip to your facebook account, you can put a "!" in front of Blip and that post won't go to facebook).

  • Last recommends music, videos and concerts based on what you listen to. Then you can shout about your favorite tracks. Like Pandora, it uploads auto playlists according to the title or artist that you type in the field--but you also have the benefit of viewing photos, biographies, and comments of other users, all of which are specific to the song being played.
  • Slacker radio, this is another ultra cool way to listen to radio on your computer or mobile device.You get to pick stations, configure it and listen away. You can listen on computer, on blackberry/iphone or buy a Slacker G2 stand-alone radio for about $200. They have free and premium service ($7.50/month) like Pandora. Additional features are: No advertisements, Request song, Unlimited skipping of songs, and save favorites.

Additional Resources added - 7-13-2009

Playlist Build a playlist - share it with the world!

Last.FM A wonderful mashup of both music and concerts

Music 2.0 Directory - Hundreds of Musical Social Networking sites - updated often

Mashable - 2007 "best of" - some links are dead - but good descriptions

Midomi - Hum or Sing a tune to search for a song

iLike - Share music with users from Facebook, Bebo, Orkut, hi5, and iGoogle and more!

Qloud - Easy search Engine

Reciva - Internet Radio - Listen to any station, anywhere worldwide

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